Pathless Path: God Grace Guru

Charles is a fresh, utterly unique writer whose insights on yoga and spirituality are brilliant and important. He connects with his readers in the most delightfully engaging manner, using humorous anecdotes and also deeply moving experiences from his own remarkable life. Charles lived in India studying with some of the greatest yogis of the 20th century.....
Linda Johnsen, M.S., author, Complete Idiots Guide to Hinduism, Daughters of the Goddess: The Women Saints of India, Lost Masters and other books on yoga and spirituality.

Charles' ... lifelong dedication to the study of yoga and spirituality shine through in this book. Readers will benefit from the depth of expertise gained in a quest that has spanned decades.
H. David Coulter, Ph.D. author of The Anatomy of Hatha Yoga


"I have just read your memoir about your journey with Swami Rama ...and wanted to let you know how much it has moved me. Thank you so much for sharing your story, it has been such a gift to me and I am sure to others as well .... At times, your memoir moved me to tears. I loved your honest sharing, also about the difficulties you had to face growing up, and it is so amazing what has happened as a result of your encounter with Swami Rama. A deep heartfelt thanks to you."
Tiziana Stupia, M.S., author of Meeting Shiva.

                          Pathless Path  

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Pathless Path: God, Grace, Guru